22 Packing Tips and Hacks to Travel Like a Pro

So, you need travel packing tips and hacks to become a better packer? You’ve come to the right place! After 2 year of full-time travel, we have so many packing tips for travel in 2023 to share with you! In this video we cover our most recommended travel items, how to pack minimally for a trip, and share with you some travel packing hacks we’ve come up with since becoming full-time travelers.

Whether you are wondering what to pack for vacation, looking for some packing essential for travel, or want some one bag travel packing tips, we’ve got you covered! We could seriously talk for days about packing for travel, but these 22 travel packing tips and hacks are our best way to share lots of knowledge with you in a short amount of time.

If you want to see a longer video covering all things packing for travel in a carry on, check out this video: https://youtu.be/BHv-6U9eeWY

What we pack for travel and how we pack for travel has changed quite a bit since we began full-time travel in March, 2021. We started out by traveling with only carry-on luggage, which was amazing for costs and kept us in the mindset of minimalist packing, which can be hard when you are traveling full-time! We would have loved to continue traveling with only carry-on luggage, but there’s a lot of gear to lug around when you have a YouTube channel, and our backpacks were soon very overpacked. Although we are no longer traveling with only carry-on luggage, we learned so many great minimalist travel hacks and came up with awesome packing tips during our first year of travel with only carry-on luggage. These packing tips and hacks are the reason we can carry so much filming and editing gear around (seriously, it’s a lot!) and still only have 105L of backpack between the two of us!

It’s no small feat figuring out what to pack for long term travel or even what to pack for vacation, and we really hope you find the packing tips and packing hacks we share in this video useful as you plan your next trip. If you are looking to stop overpacking and learn how to pack minimally for a trip, these tips and hacks will help you do that in time for your next vacation or gap year 🙂

Click this link for our full packing list (it’s free!): https://nicoleandmico.com/our-packing-list/

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== Chapters ==
0:00 How to avoid overpacking
2:41 How to pack your clothes
6:13 Item’s you need to bring
8:05 Nicole’s most genius travel hack
9:26 Packing footwear
10:43 Extra bags for traveling
11:49 Most versatile item
12:53 A very novel packing tip

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Hey there! We are Nicole and Mico and in March 2021, we quit our jobs, sold our belongings, and began traveling the world! We never thought we’d be making travel vlogs on YouTube, but after realizing that we had a unique opportunity to share our adventure and make the world feel more familiar and inviting to anyone watching, we took the leap and picked up the camera! We hope our videos show how wonderful, delicious, and friendly the world can be.

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