The Amazon Jungle in Ecuador is one of the most alive and dangerous places we have ever been! Pink river dolphins, piranhas, tapirs, sloths, howler monkeys, tarantulas, snakes, and SO many more animals and insects call Cuyabeno Reserve there home, and we spent four days here! We ate ants, swam with who-knows-what, and paddle boarded through a proper rainforest rainstorm.

Cuyabeno is possibly the best place to tour the Amazon, and the lodge we stayed at was tucked away far away from any other tour companies. We felt like we were properly in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, with a 2.5 hour boat ride between us and the nearest road. We got some epic amazon jungle drone footage to show just how massive and dense the amazon jungle truly is, and had an AMAZING time carefully exploring this bucketlist destination.

Our tour:
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Thanks for watching our travel vlog! | Filmed April, 2022

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== Chapters ==
0:00 First animal sighting
00:48 Lodge room tour
1:56 Jungle night tour
4:03 Mornings in the jungle
5:50 Eating ants, jungle medicine, creepy crawlies
8:30 Popcorn with soup?
9:00 Swimming, paddle boarding, and dolphins in the rainforest
12:00 Piranha fishing
13:30 The RAREST animals we saw!
15:35 Goodbye rainforest, we will be back
16:24 Bloopers

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