Why Financial Independence? Nicole and Mico are travelling the world

Why Financial Independence? In this video, we talk with Nicole and Mico, a Canadian couple searching for adventures all around the globe. They quite their jobs in 2021, sold everything and started travelling the world.

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That's why we think Financial Independence is important. If you are new to this channel, Our goal is to Retire Early and Travel the World, and we will become Financially Independent in 2024.

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00:00 Why Financial Independence? Interview with Nicole and Mico
00:05 Financial Independence in Canada
02:14 Why did you want to quit your jobs and travel the world?
07:48 Do you consider yourselves Financially Independent?
14:45 What does a day in your current life look like?
28:23 What are your plans for the future
32:19 Would you do anything different?
33:45 Let's talk about travel tips
37:29 What’s the funniest thing you can share with us?
41:53 Where can people find you to follow your journey?
47:45 Our Why for Financial Independence

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