In this video about the cost of long-term travel (1-12 months and beyond) we breakdown our budget for 1 year of travel, tell you how to save for long-term travel, and share our best advice about saving, budgeting, and spending your travel money! Whether you are planning to travel for one month, three months, six months, nine months, a year, or maybe even endlessly, figuring out what to budget for your trip can be really overwhelming. When we were planning our long-term travels we found it very difficult to find information on the cost of traveling, especially for people who want to travel to many continents and parts of the world. In this video we will explain where we visited in one year (spoiler alert – we hit 16 countries and traveled in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South America, and North America), how our travel style impacted our spending, and give you ways to tailor our budget to suit your own travel plans and style.

The most common question we get asked about our travels is how we afford this and we are happy to share our saving tips and story to help other people reach their goal of long-term travel too! Whether you are taking a gap year, a career break, becoming a digital nomad, or just want to try our slow travel instead of fast travel, this video will help you get there!

To help you the best we possibly can, we are also sharing our entire expense report for our first twelve months of travel! You can easily sort the document by countries and type of expense to see the information that is most relevant to you.
Click here to download the report:

To track our expenses during our travels we use the app TravelSpend and HIGHLY recommend checking them out for your travels as well.
TravelSpend for Android:
TravelSpend for Apple:

SafetyWing is our favourite travel insurance provider – definitely give them a look to protect your own travels!

If you are planning a trip, check out our packing video to see what we pack for long-term travel:

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== Chapters ==
0:00 $37, 476 on travel?
0:39 Who the heck are we?
1:40 What to expect from this video
2:13 PART 1: Let's talk numbers and what the money got us
2:33 Cost of accommodation and where we stay
3:20 Cost of activities (yep, its high)
4:15 Cost of flights and our routing
6:21 How we save money on food and drink
7:24 COVID costs
8:01 Cost of transportation
8:32Travel Insurance (SafetyWing)
9:03 Everything else
9:33 Except Sim cards and data
10:20 Part 2: Budget method 1
11:26 Budget Method 2
12:20 Budgeting Advice (how we track our expenses)
14:22 How are we funding full-time travel
17:07 Our Final Request

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Hey there! We are Nicole and Mico, full-time travel vloggers searching for adventures all around the globe. In March 2021 we quit our jobs, sold our belongings, and hopped on our first ever one-way flight leaving our home country #Canada. We believe #travel builds understanding that reaches across culture, language, and boundaries, and we want to share our experiences as we create connections all over the world. If you like learning about unique places, new cultures and different foods, then come follow our adventure as we explore all our beautiful planet has to offer.

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