First Class Train Delhi To Agra | Gatimaan Express AC First Class

Today we are taking our first Indian train ride and we opted for a first class ticket from Delhi to Agra! We were quite nervous for our first train ride in India, but luckily this is a short ride to get from Delhi to the city where the Taj Mahal is! We booked these train tickets a bit last minute, and all that was available was tickets on the Gatimaan Express Executive Class. At first we were a bit bummed to be in first class (we thought it'd be fun to check out second class), but it was actually a really nice way to ease into train rides in India!

The Gatimaan Express is known to be a really good train line with Indian Railways, and our experienced matched the reputation! The train ride flew by and we arrived safely in Agra without much fuss. In this video we will bring you along for our train journey from Delhi to Agra and share with you a tour of the train including the toilets in the train! Making sure we were on the right train was probably the hardest part of the whole day but we managed to figure out how to read the correct signs and determine where to board the train.

For our first time riding a train in India, we think we did pretty good! As foreigners, taking a train in India was something we had heard a lot about and many people gave us lots of advice about how best to take the trains in India. The train ride itself was smooth, but something we did have trouble with was how to book train tickets for Indian Railways trains. The main website (IRCTC) doesn't like foreign credit cards, so we used a website called Ease My Trip to book our train tickets because this website accepts our credit cards.

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== Chapters ==
00:00 Time to leave Delhi
00:30 Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station
01:33 Do trains arrive early?
02:25 Seat tour of the Executive Class chairs
03:56 Ever seen a snack tour?
05:53 Pretty sure we aren't supposed to have this
06:52 How to book trains in India
07:59 Indian train washroom tour
08:48 How do we disembark?
09:54 Everyone wants us to ride in their taxi
11:32 Why did he pop his tire?
12:22 Common Taxi driver scams in India

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