What is the O Circuit, or the O Trek? Well, it's a 120(ish) kilometer trek through what is arguably the most beautiful part of Patagonia, Torres del Paine National Park. The O Trek got its name for the shape of the route which includes the commonly-known W-trek (we explain it better in the video). Over 10 days we hiked the O Trek while carrying all of our own gear and food, and this video tells the story of what that was like. It includes epic views, lots of blisters, new friends, many mice encounters, warm food on cold days, a lot of pain, a lot of joy, and some serious determination.

Whether you have stumbled upon this video because you are looking into hiking the o trek or w trek, or you simply want to see what it takes to trek for 10 days in Patagonia, we are glad to have you! We had an incredible time braving the 100km winds to see grey glacier and pushing ourselves to our limits to make it to Los Torres before the rain came. We had so many highs and lows during this trip and hope you enjoy watching!

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Thanks for watching our travel vlog! | Filmed March, 2022

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== Chapters ==
0:00 Where are we?
1:33 Day 1 – let's go to Seron!
3:18 18kms to Dickson with new friends
5:19 A bad start to day 3
7:23 The big day to see Grey Glacier
13:13 Day 5 to Paine Grande and hard goodbyes
16:02 A day to do nothing
17:10 The easiest day to Frances
19:05 Finally no backpacks to Britanico
20:50 Bad news and a change of plans
22:18 An unexpectedly hard and amazing day
25:02 Las Torres at its finest
27:39 We did it!!

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