Is Huacachina, Peru a Tourist Trap or Desert Oasis? // Peru Travel Vlog

If you're coming to Peru, you will quickly learn that Huacachina is supposed to be one of the best places to go in Peru. Huacachina, Peru, is described as an incredible desert oasis complete with sand dunes and sandboarding, but is it really all that great or is it a tourist trap? We were skeptical of Huacachina but decided to visit this oasis in the middle of nowhere so we could do an Instagram vs reality travel comparison for you!

Huacachina, Peru is right next to Ica and can even be accessed by a very long day trip from Lima. During our time in Huacachina, we chose to stay right in the town, although you could also stay in Ica, Peru instead and take a 10 minute taxi ride into Huacachina. This desert oasis is tucked in a valley between huge sand dunes that hide the town unless you view it from the sky (like our lucky drone). The lagoon in the center of the town makes this oasis truly picturesque, but is it anywhere near as good as it looks on Instagram and TikTok?

The most popular activity to do in Huacachina is sandboarding, and for good reason. The sand dunes are way taller than they first appear, and they make for a wild ride both in the dune buggy and on a sandboard! Mico went as far as to try sand skiing, which turned out to be less like skiing on snow than he thought (you can also try sandboarding on a proper snowboard if you want)!

We won't ruin the surprise, but at the end of the video we will let you know if we think Huacachina lives up to its reputation of being a beautiful desert oasis getaway, or if it actually kind of sucks.

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== Chapters ==
00:00 Where are we?
00:26 A terrifying sunrise
03:02 The hidden desert oasis revealed
04:54 Will the board ride be worth it?
06:17 Huacachina town – what's here?
08:06 Buckle up folks – it's about to get BUMPY
09:41 How does Mico's sand skiing compare to his snow skiing?
12:09 Will the sunrise be as good as Instagram says it is?
13:48 Bloopers

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