WHAT TO PACK FOR LONG TERM TRAVEL IN 2023 (carry-on only) | Regrets + Tips

In this video we show you what to pack for long-term travel and include a packing list for travel in 2022! There are lots of packing videos out there, so why should you watch this one? Well, we left for full-time travel in March 2021 with only carry-on bags, and we have learned so much about packing in our first year of full-time travel. We have jam packed this video with as many useful tips and words of wisdom to help you prepare for your trip, whether it be a two week city-hopping-holiday or a one-way-trip-with-no-end-date kind of adventure!

We broke this video into three sections to make it easy for you to watch/listen to the part(s) that are most relevant to you. Part 1 covers what we pack, part 2 talks about our biggest packing lessons learned, and part 3 is how we pack for long term travel!

In the video you will learn that as we begin our second year of full-time travel we have purchased bigger backpacks that are no longer carry-on size! We explain why we are making this change in the video and hope it helps you decide if carry-on or check-in luggage is the right decision for you.

If you are packing for a backpacking trip around South America, or leaving to start your journey as a digital nomad, we think you will find lots of good information here! For example, we have developed some strong feelings about merino wool since leaving to travel full-time and we hope our real-life experience helps you make better decisions about clothing than we did when we started 😉

FREE PACKING LIST: https://nicoleandmico.com/our-packing-list/

SafetyWing Travel Insurance: https://tinyurl.com/2p87ewbr

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Feel free to ask questions in the comments below! We have so many more bits of info to share that we couldn't fit into a 40 minute video, but we love chatting more in the comments section!

Thanks for watching our packing for travel video! | Filmed February, 2022

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== Chapters ==
0:00 Why you should learn from us?
1:31 Starter packing tips
2:19 PART 1: Nicole's Clothes
6:29 PART 1: Mico's Clothes
8:40 PART 1: Outerwear
11:34 PATT 1: Health, Hygiene, Personal
16:39 PART 1: Electronics
20:07 PART 1: Kitchen
23:42 PART 1: Miscellaneous
27:47 PART 2: Packing Lessons
33:44 PART 3: How we Pack
38:24 Bloopers

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Hey there! We are Nicole and Mico, full-time travel vloggers searching for adventures all around the globe. In March 2021 we quit our jobs, sold our belongings, and hopped on our first ever one-way flight leaving our home country #Canada. We believe #travel builds understanding that reaches across culture, language, and boundaries, and we want to share our experiences as we create connections all over the world. If you like learning about unique places, new cultures and different foods, then come follow our adventure as we explore all our beautiful planet has to offer.

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