Our First Q&A! Opening up about our relationship, travel, money, and… babies?!

Have you ever wanted a Q&A video about how much money we make on YouTube? Or what our scariest travel experience was? Maybe you're just interested to hear how we met, our relationship, or what the life of a couple of travel vloggers is like? If you said yes to any of those questions, then we think you'll enjoy this Q&A video!

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We kept saying to each other that we'd film a Q&A to mark various milestones on YouTube, but we never seemed to get around to it, so we are finally doing it now for no reason in particular! We asked you all to send in questions on Instagram and YouTube, and you sent us some amazing questions! With this being our first Q&A, we wanted to answer some general questions like how did we meet and what did we do before we started traveling, but you all sent us some juicy questions too. Questions like how much money do we make on YouTube, what is our scariest travel experience, and if we are having kids to name just a few. We didn't hold back in our answers, so we hope you find this Q&A both entertaining and insightful!

It is kind of strange to tell the internet all about your life with little idea of who out there will decide to listen to it, but we hope that if you've clicked on the video you enjoy getting to know us and our story who we are outside of the travel experiences we have, so we are excited to have a chance to do that properly in this video. We hope that through our travel vlogs you have gotten to know us as travelers and as a couple, but in this Q&A we hope you get to see a bit more into our story, personalities, and history.

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== Chapters ==
0:00 You guys gave us some great questions
0:34 How did we meet?
2:06 What did we do before traveling?
4:58 How do we deal with burnout?
7:34 Did you notice we aren't the same race?
8:55 What is our scariest travel experience?
12:06 Travel advice for other travel lovers
14:29 How expensive is full-time travel?
17:32 How do we not get sick?
19:35 Are we having kids?
20:51 Rapid fire!
23:18 How much money do we make on YouTube?
24:55 How else do we make money?

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