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Our First Q&A! Opening up about our relationship, travel, money, and… babies?!

Have you ever wanted a Q&A video about how much money we make on YouTube? Or what our scariest travel experience was? Maybe you're just interested to hear how we met, our relationship, or what the life of a couple of travel vloggers is like? If you said yes to any of those questions, then…

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Taking My Wife to My Family’s Farm in Rural Philippines

In today's video we are finally visiting Mico's family's fish farm in rural Philippines! Fish farming has been a part of Mico's family for generations, although only a small handful of his family still work in the industry. We spent a few days living in the rural community with many of his aunts and uncle's…

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Tips for Traveling in India (2022) + Sightseeing in New Delhi

Today we are exploring more of New Delhi, and as we do we want to share with you many of the travel tips we have for traveling in India. We have been in the country for two weeks now, and have picked up many tips for traveling in India along the way! In today's New…

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