Taking My Wife to My Family’s Farm in Rural Philippines

In today's video we are finally visiting Mico's family's fish farm in rural Philippines! Fish farming has been a part of Mico's family for generations, although only a small handful of his family still work in the industry. We spent a few days living in the rural community with many of his aunts and uncle's to spend time with them and get a taste of what rural life in the Philippines is really like. We had the privilege of spending a morning walking around the fish farm with Tito Mackoy (one of Mico's Uncles), who showed us how fish farming works and shared with us all his incredible creations to increase efficiency on the farm. We loved getting to see the family business in action, but most importantly, we enjoyed spending time with family who opened their homes to us to show us a side of the Philippines that most tourists don't get to see.

Living in rural Philippines is certainly very different than the big cities like Manila and Cebu. Here, everyone knows each other and life's luxuries are much harder to come by. Being remote means being more creative with what you have easy access to, and it also seems to bring out a strong sense of community. In this part of rural Philippines, everyone in the neighbourhood knows one another and news travels fast! It was obvious during our time in this area that this is not a place where tourists come, so even Mico stuck out from the locals despite having roots and lots of family here!

We felt so lucky to be welcomed into the community so wholly, and really enjoyed living with family for a few days while we enjoyed the beauty of rural village life here in the Philippines. We came to the Philippines in the hopes of connecting with family and learning more about Mico's roots and heritage, and this time in the countryside definitely helped us accomplish this! Between seeing the fish farm, strolling the beautiful beach, and singing karaoke late into the night, we had an amazing time getting acquainted with life in rural Philippines 😁

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== Chapters ==
0:00 Going into the middle of rural Philippines
0:50 A classic Filipino welcome
3:05 This walk to the farm is no joke
6:40 Learning a bit about the family business
11:04 Our feelings on being on the farm
13:23 Perks of being from the Philippines
14:10 The only way to end an evening full of family in PH

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